• Black Box teater
  • Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival
  • 12–16 March 2024
  • Davvi – Center for Performing Arts
  • Realities from the North – Conversation program with Kristina Junttila Valkoinen, Evgeny Goman,  Juho-Sire / Siri Broch Johansen and Eva Svaneblom
  • Saturday 16, 12.30–15.30

“Realities from the North”
Davvi – Centre for Performing Arts 
16 March / 12.30–15.30 / Foyer

Conversation program with
Kristina Junttila Valkoinen
Evgeny Goman
Juho-Sire / Siri Broch Johansen 
Eva Svaneblom

Davvi – Centre for Performing Arts has been invited to curate an event program that will take place in the foyer at Black Box teater during this year’s Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival. The program will examine indigenous realities in the North as a continuation and extension of the program presented during the festival in 2023. Davvi has invited four different artists to take part in this program consisting of sharing practices and conversations between artists as well as conversations between the audience and artists, led by Tale Næss.

“We perceived the invitation as a wish to continue what last year’s festival raised awareness of: the lack of accommodation for practices from an indigenous perspective. Indigenous perspectives from the North and South will be represented during the event, at the same time we also want to draw attention to other realities existing in the North of Norway, like the closeness to Russia in the East. But first of all, we have asked each of the four artists Kristina Junttila Valkoinen, Evgeny Goman, Juho-Sire / Siri Broch Johansen and Eva Svaneblom about what occupies them right now. What are they currently making, what are they doing, and how – with the world being the way it is. We asked them to be specific, and to answer the questions both through conversations and through sharing their practice.”

– Curators, Realities from the North
Jenny Svensson, Tale Næss, Silje Solheim Johnsen