• Black Box teater
  • Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival
  • 12–16 March 2024
  • TOM
  • Tuesday 12, 21.00–22.10
  • Wednesday 13, 19.30–20.40

12–13 March / Store scene

– Dance Art Journal

A holding room, participants wait.
A pageant is about to begin.
No call time, perpetual purgatory.

Blending the myth of Orpheus with the British unemployment office, TOM is a vertigo-inducing pop-culture collision of working class and queer expression. 

With self-produced live music, dance, theater and visual arts, TOM draws on influences from drag, pop ballads, rave culture, and TikTok to investigate notions of gender identity and power. Six performers draw on their real-life experiences of being a world champion gymnast, backing dancers for Dua Lipa and Kylie, NDT and Akram Khan, legendary voguers, ballroom dancers, and B-boys. 

BULLYACHE and cast burst into song, they fight, fuck, live, laugh and love dissecting the heavy price of being in a world that demands too much.

BULLYACHE is an artist duo working with music, performance and choreography, making working class, queer reconstructions of classical texts through the lens of a pop music video. The duo, founded by friends and artists Courtney Deyn and Jacob Samuel, is currently one of the UK’s most sought-after up-and-coming artists.


Co-directors: Jacob Samuel, Courtney Deyn. Rehearsal director: Oscar Li. Production: Valentina Vela for Artsadmin. Management: Dora Limfer. Lighting design: Laurie Loads. Costume design: Jordan Sherman. Performers: Courtney Deyn, Yen-Ching Lin, Boston Gallacher, James Callego Olivo, Lewis Walker, Belen Leroux. Supported by: Arts Council England, Sound and Music, Britten Pears, Genesis Foundation, PRS, Fabric and The Abderrahim Crickmay Charitable Settlement. Developed with support from: Artsadmin LAB.